2nd Amarji International Film Festival 2017

About Festival

After the huge success of Amarji Film Festival which was the first festival took a place in Al Najaf city by self-efforts.

Over nine Iraqi Film were presented for being it an international …

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Films Registration

Amarji International Film Festival gives our talented youth in Iraq and the rest of the Arab world, the opportunity to screen their short films. We would like to inform you that registration is now open and you can submit your short film. A specialized judging committee will choose 10 films to be screened at the festival. Please fill out the form below and we will inform you if your film has been selected.

Photos of  2016

Volunteers Application

thank you for volunteering on the 2nd session of Amarji Film festival 2017.
We are appropriate the volunteers efforts and we are welcoming the old and new volunteers to share the success together this year.

2nd Amarji International Film Festival Guide




Our Gusts in  The 2nd Amarji International Film Festival 2017



”An excellent idea presented through the Festival by showing Iraqi Films that will courage the young to show their films to the audience in Al Najaf city , I wish all the best for the festival ”

Mahdi Abas

Mahdi Abas , Criticism

”Amarji is an amazing young efforts who makes the impossible possible by doing the Festival in a city had never experienced such things, they could have done what the government couldn't by self-efforts and very simple materials. I hope all the best for them to support the Iraqi Cinema ”

Muhammad Al Daraji

Muhammad Al Daraji , Director

”`` the art and cinema and theatre movements are faced such a huge evb since the last century till now because of political and social problems that Iraq had been through in addition to neglect this field by the Iraqi government but inspire of all these circumstances the Iraq art is having a very strong presence
in all the international forums specially in Cinema which is proofing Iraqi cinema is still fine .

Auatif Al Salman

Auatif Al Salman , Actor

Festival Location

Amarji International Film Festival

Republic of Iraq / Najaf province